From the desk of: Lee Redgrave

Dear fellow trader,

Before we go any further let me make one thing clear…

There is nothing for sale here!

In fact, one of the reasons you’re getting access to my personal robot “Forex Winner” for nothing is because I’m sick of the Forex sales hype.

Has your email inbox been jammed full of Clickbank type offers telling you about “the next big thing!”

Have you been bombarded by affiliates selling you rehashed bits of software that don’t even work? Most of these snake oil salesmen have never traded in their life!

And what about the Forex websites that don’t let you leave?

“WAIT… We have a special discount for you today!”

You know, it took me 6 attempts to get off one of these sales sites last year!

I’ve been a passionate Forex trader for over 10 years now, and frankly I’d had enough of all this noise. I’m sure you have too!

As a trader you want a robot which helps you achieve consistent profits… using tried and tested strategies. You want reliable information, real automation, and sensible risk management.

That’s exactly what Forex Winner gives you…

And you don’t have to invest a cent to get it. There’s no upsells, downsells, cross sells, or any other sells. You won’t be bombarded with affiliate offers, and you won’t be subjected to any of the usual marketing tricks

I’m a passionate Forex trader, and I want to give other traders like you the chance to get the edge… without having to spend hundreds of dollars!

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Enjoy Success Like This…

This chart shows you results from our main live account running Forex Winner on a conservative risk setting… Yet it’s still bringing returns of over 10% each month. To help you understand relative performance please consider that a monthly return of just 6.1% will reach our annual profit target of doubling the opening balance! Here’s a link to the live page so you can see the results are real.

Just a little word of warning... When you see sales pages for the “next millionaire making robot,” make sure there are links to the results they’re claiming. If you only see a picture there’s a possibility it’s been photoshopped!

6 Profit Pulling Strategies Rolled Into 1!

You may be wondering how Forex Winner works, and why I’m so confident it will dramatically increase your trading profits…

I spent over a year testing, number- crunching, and analysing hundreds of Forex signals and indicators. What I discovered were 6 key strategies which produced very good returns over the long term.

These strategies were tweaked and optimized.

I modelled and optimised some more, combining strategies to see how they ran in parallel. Probed and pushed to see which ones complimented each other under different trading conditions and scenarios. (I told you I’m passionate about numbers!)

The result was the Forex Winner EA Robot. An automated system to run the whole show on autopilot. It runs two systems. The main one runs 4 different short term strategies in parallel, and the second combines two longer term strategies which require a different level of risk management.

It covers a broad range of market conditions. From following the longer term trend to cashing in on shorter term retracements. As you can see from the charts… it works pretty damn well.

And now you can get it for free…

When you sign up you’ll also receive special insider information, which uncovers how to get cash back on ANY trade you make… win or lose. With this information you can earn up to 25% of your trading balance each year!

Remember, Forex Winner EA Robot …

  • Is completely free to use… And you get life time access to the tool.
  • Is extremely simple to set-up… Even if you’re a technophobe
  • Is completely automated… so you can save hours wasted in front of your PC waiting for signals and placing trades.
  • Is only available from this site… You won’t find any affiliates selling it EVER!
  • Uses recognised analytics reporting sites linked to both live and demo broker accounts running Forex Winner.
  • Was created based on years of my own research and testing… It’s totally unique and not some rehashed bit of public domain junk.

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Enjoy Forex Winner, and see you in the markets!

To your success